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Why Us?

Expertly delivering efficient automotive solutions to the UK workplace.

Our continually innovative solutions and high quality service ensure our place at the forefront of car benefit provision. From design to implementation, CBS currently operates car schemes for more than 40 of the UK’s largest motor groups, as well as several major blue chip companies, through our relationships with 22 different manufacturers.

But it isn’t what we do that makes us special, it’s the way we do it.

Working with high profile organisations, CBS has expanded the scope of Employee Car Ownership Schemes. Our flexible solutions meet the needs of each and every customer, meaning schemes are no longer just a company car alternative but a way to add real value to their business by delivering a fantastic employee benefit to their staff population.

The knowledge to innovate. The experience to trust.

Our team of directors were integral in developing and implementing the first Employee Car Ownership Schemes in the 1990’s. Their experience in generating some of the largest corporate fleets in the UK led to the creation of CBS. Developing and improving our infrastructure since then, we have created new structures to increase economic efficiency by simultaneously maintaining and building upon our core original business relationships. Leading us to our All Employee and Company Car Alternative schemes for the automotive sector and our model for Corporate customers



Company Values


We work hard and with passion to make a difference, to achieve our goals, to be the best, so that we are always proud of ourselves, our team, and of CBS.



We do things in the right way, to build trust in each other, to reward the support and loyalty shown by others, because we are a team and because we care.


Continuous Improvement

We strive for excellence and we challenge ourselves to always ask questions, to listen to others and to seek out new ideas so that we may learn, improve and evolve.



We willingly take on our responsibilities and are committed to owning the challenges that we face and seizing the opportunities that present themselves.



We come together to enjoy our work and enjoy being part of a team so that together we make the journey a fun one.