A tiered solution for every driver

Meeting demand for a complete solution to the provision of car benefits for all employees, irrespective of their entitlement status.

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In recent years, due to rising company car tax and confusion around legislation surrounding optional and disguised remuneration arrangements, there has been an increase in demand for a complete solution to the provision of car benefits for all employees, irrespective of their car entitlement status.

Car Benefit Solutions has worked closely with automotive Manufacturers and their Dealer networks to create a tiered solution for every driver.

These collaborative working relationships have resulted in the evolution of a comprehensive suite of schemes, which combine control, compliance, ease of use and low operational costs to mitigate exposure of increasing tax and legislative liabilities.

Two schemes. One solution.

CBS have worked alongside Dealer Groups to design a complete tiered solution that has the adaptability to suit all. Dealer Groups can use a combination of CBS products to generate optimum results both in terms of performance and profitability. The graphic below demonstrates how Groups can maximise the opportunity available.

A bespoke solution from CBS provides a tax robust and compliant employee benefit for staff at every level of the business, operated with full HMRC disclosure and written on regulated agreements authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. With full transparency available at all times and the support of the 150 strong CBS team, you can run your tailored solution and protect your employees against tax liabilities on resale losses and your business from unlimited FCA fines.

Why now?

In the current climate of market consolidation, Groups are increasingly receptive to solutions that can simplify acquisitions and mergers, especially where both current and new employees are concerned. A number of AM100 Groups have engaged CBS to assist with the transition of car benefit following acquisition, trusting our proven experience and market leading expertise in the structure and delivery of staff car schemes across multiple sites or Groups.

With comprehensive and technically flexible scheme architecture, a CBS solution allows Dealer Groups to implement staff car schemes that evolve with their business; providing efficient and effective response to any changes in organisation scale or structure. This adaptability throughout the process of mergers and acquisitions makes consolidation of car benefit both quick and simple, allowing decision makers to focus on day-to-day business, whilst maximising the increase in business savings and profitability.

Why CBS?

Compare the CBS solution to attempting to manage an alternative scheme internally without the necessary resources and expertise.

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