All Employee Car Scheme

A CBS all employee car scheme is your exclusive car benefit, provided by your employer. Enjoy a new car with short-term contracts, fixed monthly repayments and zero deposit.

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How will you benefit from joining a CBS car scheme?

No Hidden Fees or Deposit
Competitive, Fixed Repayments
Short-Term Contracts
1,000 Miles Per Month
Are you eligible to join a CBS car scheme?

Employees must:

  • Have completed their probationary period.
  • Be able to afford the repayments.
  • Not be currently filed as bankrupt or have bankruptcy proceedings against them which have already commenced. This includes employees who are legally prevented from accepting new credit, are subject to the conditions of an IVA, or other debt management solution.

How can you order a CBS car scheme vehicle?

  1. Firstly, register for the scheme using the button below.
  2. View the current choice list.
  3. Select which car you’d like and submit a request form.
  4. Your Scheme Co-ordinator will generate a quote for you.




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*Current All Employee Scheme live fleet from 22/04/2021

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