Motor Manufacturer Sponsorship

Partner with CBS to deliver an employee car scheme for your dealership network. CBS work in partnership with automotive manufacturers to design, build and implement sponsored Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS). Our team focuses on delivering an intelligent employee car benefit that creates value, offers convenience and ensures compliance.

Our Employee Car Ownership Solutions

Our schemes are tailored to meet the needs of both manufacturers and their dealer groups, delivering a car benefit to every employee whether they are currently entitled to a company car or not.

CBS’ solutions are designed to remove the limitations of a traditional car benefit and create financial and operational benefits for dealers and their employees alike.

Manufacturer Partner and Supplier Schemes

Manufacturer Partner and Supplier Schemes differ slightly in that the manufacturer can provide exclusive terms to key business partners of their choice, providing a car benefit to employees at no additional cost to the employer.

Support your network
Showcase key models
Gain brand experts
Scheme Process

The scheme is sponsored by the respective manufacturer, who work with CBS to determine the vehicles that work best for the scheme, before making it available to their network.

Once parameters are agreed, our Network Development Team present the scheme to the brand’s franchise dealer community. The employer confirms participation and the scheme is designed and implemented by our team of experts.

The scheme is promoted to all eligible employees who can browse through vehicle choice lists and request quotations via the scheme website.

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