Can your business afford an additional 9% National Insurance increase?

The National Insurance increase will impact your business

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As we move closer toward the Spring Statement, due to be delivered on 23 March, discussions over the National Insurance (NI) increase are starting to stir again.

The increase is 1.25% points, as for employers it’s going up from 13.8% to 15.05%. However, the percentage that this converts to in terms of contribution is actually closer to 8%. Using the average wage in the UK, which is currently £31,772*, the table below outlines the monetary increase.

Employee annual salaryTax year 2021/22 employer NICTax year 2022/23 employer NICDifference in contribution

The planned increase will have a direct impact on all businesses via National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for payroll, as well as Class 1A NIC applicable on employee benefits. The difference in contributions is £287, which is a 9% increase of the £3,164 figure. Multiply the additional contributions for a small company of 49 people, and it’ll cost businesses almost £15,000 more per year, for a larger company with 249 employees, it will total more than £70,000.

A solid strategy will be required in order to identify where savings can be materialised elsewhere in your business to compensate for the NIC increase.

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*Office of National Statistics – Employee earnings in the UK: 2021


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