Car Benefit Solutions Helps Vines Group Make Vital Savings with the CBS Optimiser

The CBS Optimiser results outlined a huge potential annual saving of £65,700*

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Established in 1980, Vines Group is one of the few privately owned franchises for BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad vehicles based in the areas of Gatwick, Guildford, and Redhill.

Vines Group has been working in partnership with Car Benefit Solutions (CBS) since 2015, with almost 700 vehicle registrations delivered. The group had already saved around £238k per annum by utilising a CBS solution.

After a disruptive year, Vines was looking for ways to further reduce business costs and provide employees with financial stability. So that everyone could focus on their core business, Vines wanted an easy-to-manage solution that reduced P11D reporting and admin, while remaining compliant.

The company has weathered the storm of the pandemic well, as engagement with its online offering and after-sales services has been very positive, and the Senior Team wanted to continue keeping morale high.

The Problem

Some employees were part of a CBS scheme, while others remained in a traditional company car arrangement. These employees were driving a number of vehicles, dependent on availability and company car tax reporting had become burdensome for the Human Resources department.

Vines submitted its fleet data to the CBS Regional Manager, with the premise of simplify the employee car benefit offering, but at the same time, keeping it fair across manufacturer brands and staff structure. Business savings were of course important, but first and foremost, Vines was adamant its employees remained cost-neutral and enjoyed all the benefits of a traditional company car.

The Solution

After detailed examination of the existing organisational structure and fleet using the CBS Optimiser, meetings were arranged with Steyn Muller (Financial Director), Elaine Farley (Group HR Manager) and Sean Kelly (Group Managing Director) to present the findings. CBS also performed analysis on used car pricing, to ensure Vines could build an employee fleet that would create a ample opportunities for profit via the car resales, at the end of the term.

 The results outlined a huge potential annual saving of £65,700*

The Vines team were impressed with the benefits outlined and made the decision to go ahead with the expansion of their CBS solution that same day. Sean Kelly, Group Managing Director said:

“The implementation of the CBS used car analysis tool has vastly improved the overall quality of the cars on our fleet. Implementing this alongside the new CBS Optimiser programme has allowed us to realise significant savings in Class 1A NIC by providing a number of CBS vehicles to drivers that would usually have lower BIK rates. Our Regional Manager, Alex was instrumental in the smooth implementation of both programmes.”

 *This is comprised of the combined business and employee savings against company car tax and Class 1A NIC contributions.

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