Car Benefit Solutions Recognised as Outstanding Company To Work For

The two-star accreditation has been awarded by Best Companies

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Car Benefits Solutions (CBS) is proud to announce that we are an Outstanding Company To Work For. The two-star accreditation from Best Companies has been awarded based on survey results from our employees. This year we had an 88% response rate.

This is the fourth year we have completed the Best Companies To Work For process and have seen our results develop over the years. We are assessed across eight criteria and the top three highlights from our survey results are listed below:

  • I am proud to work for this organisation. – 6.09
  • This organisation is run on strong values and principles. – 6.06
  • I love working for this organisation. – 5.68

All scores are out of 7.

Starting this year, Best Companies have taken a slightly different approach to recognising workplace engagement. Instead of one annual accreditation ceremony, there are now four opportunities throughout the year to receive this accolade. A new league table is revealed every quarter via the Best Companies Live platform and there is a physical event scheduled for November as a year-end celebration. CBS’ placement in the league tables will be revealed on 20th May.

Head of People, Cultures & Values, Nicky Dickinson said of our survey results: “We are currently reviewing all of the data and will be implementing feedback in our people related activity to ensure we continue to be outstanding and we will be aiming to be a World Class Company in 2023.

“Thank you to all our employees for choosing to work at CBS, being part of the best team and contributing to this amazing result.”

CBS recognised its employees’ contribution to the survey by making a £1,270 donation to Bury Cancer Support Centre.

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