How to generate savings and fight back against the cost of living increases

Car Benefit Solutions (CBS) has a way to help ease rising costs for your employees and your business.

Car Benefit Solutions Appoints Not One, But Two Heads to the Management Board to Lead Sales

Annette Whitworth and Andrew Sweeney have been promoted to Head of Regional Accounts and Head of Key Accounts, respectively, at Car Benefit Solutions (CBS).

The Spring Statement Reaffirms the National Insurance Increase

The 9% increase will take effect from 6 April.

Can your business afford an additional 9% National Insurance increase?

The National Insurance increase will impact your business

Is your business ready to tackle The Great Resignation?

This year’s resignation figures are predicted to be much higher than usual.

A Viable and Sustainable Car Benefit Provision for West Way Employees

The CBS Optimiser’s financial results proved an ECOS solution was best suited to West Way’s criteria.

The Benefits of Your Employee Car Solutions – Included as Standard

Why You Should Choose Car Benefit Solutions.

The CBS Optimiser Redefines the Cost of an Employee Vehicle for Vindis Motor Group

The CBS Optimiser calculated that Vindis could save more than £1.5m*.

How Does The Increase in National Insurance Contributions Affect Your Business?

Act now to make savings, which could offset the increase in contributions.

How to Navigate Stock Shortages and Be Ready For When Stock Levels Return

Contact Car Benefit Solutions (CBS) to discuss setting up an Employee Car Ownership Scheme (ECOS).

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