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According to the Office of National Statistics, from May to July 2021, there were an estimated 953,000 job vacancies, a record high, having grown by 43.8% compared with the previous quarter.

Enhance your recruitment offering

CBS understands it’s not only about salary when it comes to choosing to apply for a new job, it’s the employee benefits that can often be the deciding factor.

To attract the top talent for new positions and to avoid existing employees looking elsewhere, why not deliver an employee car benefit via a CBS Employee Car Ownership Scheme (ECOS)?

Boost Recruitment Through Using ECOS

  • Include the scheme in vacancy advertisements to attract top talent. 
  • Promote scheme to prospective and new employees using CBS marketing materials.
  • Provide example Total Reward Statements at interview to demonstrate the benefit received. 
Reduce Write-Down Costs

Car Benefit Solutions (CBS) understands that write-downs represent a huge cost for dealers.

Implementing an Employee Car Ownership Scheme (ECOS) is an alternative way to eliminate your write-down costs.

An ECOS removes the company car tax liability for the employee, but can keep their repayments the same, while removing the write-down costs for the business.

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Manage used car profitability more efficiently.
Business saves the write-down cost.
No change to an employee's monthly payment.

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Whether you’re an existing CBS client or not, why not let us analyse your current company car provision using the CBS Optimiser to find the best possible solution for your unique business requirements.