Is your business ready to tackle The Great Resignation?

This year's resignation figures are predicted to be much higher than usual.

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As we approach the end of another year and look forward to 2022, resignations and recruitment drives are in full swing, and this year the resignation figures look set to be gloomier than usual.

A recent survey by the global leading recruitment agency, Randstad UK, outlined that one-in-four workers are actively planning to change job in the next three to six months, and two-thirds are feeling confident about taking on a new position. The recruiter said the normal figure for employees jumping ship is one-in-10 so this 15% increase is definitely not something to be ignored.

Your business needs to be ready by understanding how to retain your existing workforce, and how to replace those who do leave as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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1. Is your benefits package equipped to tackle The Great Resignation?
Even if your answer is yes, the benefits can still be enhanced. Reward your existing employees and make them feel valued, by offering a competitive benefits package. Further protect your current workforce by extending the benefits to cover not only your employees but their families too. And remember, enhancing your employee benefits doesn’t have to cost your business the earth.
Find out how.

2. Do you want to retain your staff without increasing your business costs?
Enhance your employee benefits package by offering them a monthly saving, which could be the equivalent to a pay rise, but without the same high price tag as the salary increase.
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3. Are you recruiting new talent with an attractive remuneration package?
A cultural shift following the pandemic has led to employee benefits being higher on the agenda than ever before when it comes to job hunting.

Employees now seek employers that care about their well-being, can offer flexible and hybrid working, as well as provide a good work-life balance. Any benefit that can tick these boxes will help you enhance your employee benefits. Check if your business has the full package.

Become the employer of choice
If you want to future-proof your business and find out how offering the best employee benefits package will help you retain your existing staff and recruit new talent, download our guide today.

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