How to generate savings and fight back against the cost of living increases

Car Benefit Solutions (CBS) has a way to help ease rising costs for your employees and your business.

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Ease cost of living worries with a flexible car scheme
Everyone is feeling the pinch. Whether it’s energy bills or the price at the fuel pump, the increase in cost of living seems unavoidable. Your business has another problem to contend with when you add into the mix the unprecedented number of staff now looking at job opportunities available to them elsewhere. Simply put if you’re able to do something to ease the cost of living burden to your employee community then you’ll be more likely to increase their commitment to your business.

Create an opportunity to make savings for your employees and your business
As an employer, you have the option to control the monthly repayments on your car benefit provision. One of the huge benefits of using CBS to deliver flexible savings to your business is their adaptability. You can control the numbers to suit your business and each employee, making the option of using a flexible payment on a CBS car another way to help ease the cost of living for both your employees and your business. Flexi allows you to reduce your employees’ monthly vehicle costs – without incurring Benefit-in-Kind. Flexi can be used in many ways across your business, however, at a time when your employees need more spending power, offering a Flexi solution could lower their motoring costs.

If your employees are in need of a new car, CBS can provide a cost efficient solution
Sure, it’d be great if you could give all your employees a pay-rise that outweighs all the increases they’re facing – but your business is experiencing cost increases at the same time, be that your own utilities or the recent increase to National Insurance contributions. At CBS, we have a way for you to give your employees a helping hand by offering the most sought after benefit*, whilst ensuring your business doesn’t face increased costs and becomes the employer of choice.

Provide stable employee motoring costs without increasing your costs
CBS car scheme allows you to provide low-cost motoring to your employees and be structured at no cost to your business. When all other costs are going up, provide security in dependable car repayments.

  1. Reduce motoring costs for employee keeping more money in their pocket.
  2. Provide staff stability in their costs with car repayments that are low-cost and fixed.
  3. Increase your employee benefit package, which can be achieved at zero cost to you.
  4. Retain your employees as a happy employee is less likely to look elsewhere.

There are options when it comes to car benefits. How they are structured can change based on the employee audience, be it car entitled or all staff – or the cars you want to provide, such as Electric Vehicles (EVs) for a greener fleet. We consider and analyse all options for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the benefits your scheme gives you.

Get in touch. Let’s chat through your objectives and understand what the best car benefit solution is for your business.

*According to a LinkedIn poll carried out by CBS, which received 50 responses over a five day period.

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