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Ahead of our Graduate Programme launch, we spoke to some of our Apprentices

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Investing in high-calibre Apprentices and Graduates with a passion for learning and continuous improvement is a key priority for Car Benefit Solutions

CBS were recently highly commended at the Made in Bury Business Awards for Backing Young Bury, and we aim to continue to provide a platform for young people to develop. From September, we will be launching our Graduate Programme, a fantastic 2-year training programme which will offer rotation across different business areas, a tailored development plan and multiple progression routes.

To find out what they think about working at CBS, we spoke to current apprentices Hannah and Kristen and recent apprentice Ellie about their courses, choosing not to go to university and what the future holds;

What is your current job title?
Hannah. “Apprentice Business Analyst.”
Kristen. “Business Admin Apprentice.”
Ellie. “Graphic Designer”

When will your course be finished and what qualification will you receive?
H. “I will finish my course in around 16-18 months, and will achieve a level 4 diploma in Business Analysis and 4 BCS certificates.”
K. “I passed my Level 3 Business Admin Apprenticeship in 2018, and currently looking at the Level 4 Business Admin course.”
E. “It wasn’t an apprenticeship as such, when I first started I was meant to start a level 4 apprenticeship but the government cut the funding so I had to find an alternative. So CBS paid for me to do a level 4 qualification instead but I was still classed as a ‘apprentice’. I did the Level 4 CIM Digital Marketing professional qualification.”

What made you choose an Apprenticeship?
H. “After choosing not to attend university after college, I worked in retail for 3 years but it got very repetitive and I needed a change of pace. I still didn’t want to attend university as I wanted to learn on the job rather than in lectures, after doing business studies and computer science at college I looked for something similar and found this job.”
K. “I wanted more exposure to the working world, which I don’t believe the university route would have provided.”
E. “I did a level 3 apprenticeship when I finished my A-levels because I didn’t want to go to university, then the level 4 was the next steps for me.”

What do you enjoy the most about being a CBS Apprentice?
H. “Everyone on the team is so supportive and lovely to work with. After coming from a large business where you were treated as a number, it’s great to now work for a business that actually cares about its employees.”
K. “I feel as though the company’s culture and values are what I enjoy the most about being a CBS Apprentice, as very few companies offer opportunities like CBS do.”
E. “Learning whilst still working because I was still earning money whilst gaining a professional qualification, even though it was stressful at some times.”

Would you recommend Apprenticeships to others?
H. “I would! I think for people who don’t see themselves attending university I think they are a great alternative and a really good way to gain experience while still working towards a qualification. Each time I have a week out of work for training and an exam, I feel that I can then apply what I have learnt to my work.”
K. “Absolutely, I feel as though apprenticeships give people the crucial working experience that other routes wouldn’t offer, such as expansion to my skill set and also additional knowledge of my role.”
E. “Yes, for me it was the right option because I didn’t want to go to university and an apprenticeship helped me start my career in marketing.”

What do you feel is your biggest achievement since you started at CBS?
H. “I think my two biggest achievements are the first change request I took through, to see it then be released to live. Also progressing from shadowing meetings to now leading my own without needing another team member there when talking to other departments.”
K. “I feel as though my overall growth has been a massive achievement since starting at CBS, with my confidence being improved both personally and also in my role since I started.”
E. “Completing my course and receiving my Level 4 Qualification.”

What training have you had at CBS outside of your course?
H. “Learning the agile methodology we use here at CBS.”
K. “I have had countless amounts of training from CBS outside of my course, such as learning our internal processes.”
E. “I was new to graphics when I joined CBS because my previous job was more the elements of marketing instead of the creative side. So I had training on all of the programmes I use including the Adobe suite (Indesign, Photoshop, Muse and Illustrator).”

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
H. “I will have (hopefully!) finished my Apprenticeship and gained my Level 4 Diploma, and be working as an experienced Business Analyst.”
K. “Working at CBS!”
E. “Hopefully i will have done a Level 6 Qualification and still be in creative and graphics.”

There has never been a better time to join CBS! Take a look at our careers page.

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