Maximise Business Savings With The CBS Optimiser

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Savings Made Simple

Is it time to rethink your company car provision? 

Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS) can help dealers make significant financial savings when compared to a traditional company car benefit.

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All you need to do is provide CBS with your company car data, and let the CBS Optimiser do the hard work.

The CBS Optimiser is designed to analyse your existing demonstrator and employee fleet to find the best solution for your unique business requirements. We will then create a simple and compliant solution that puts you in control.

As well as savings, our schemes also provide ways to boost incremental registrations and offer the opportunity to create a quality, known used car stock pipeline.


Vines Group

“The implementation of the CBS used car analysis tool has vastly improved the overall quality of the cars on our fleet. Implementing this alongside the new Optimiser programme has allowed us to realise significant savings in Class 1A NIC by providing a number of CBS vehicles to drivers that would usually have lower BIK rates”

Group Managing Director | Vines Group

How can business savings be achieved using an Employee Car Ownership Scheme?

As an Employee Car Ownership Scheme removes the company car tax liability for the employee, these savings can be utilised by the dealer to eliminate or at least materially reduce write down costs on their demonstrators and employee fleet. This realises immediate and material savings for the business.

As an ECOS is not subject to employee BiK, similarly under an Employee Car Ownership Scheme, Class 1A National Insurance Contribution costs are also removed.

Used Cars

As well as savings, our schemes also provide ways to boost incremental registrations and offer the opportunity to create a quality, known used car stock pipeline.

Consumer demand for used vehicles is high and there is a need to create an efficient pipeline of used car stock for this currently lucrative sector. Furthermore, the cost of company car tax influences employees to choose cars that work for them financially, rather than a vehicle which is an attractive used car prospect at the end of the term.

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Every employee taking a CBS scheme vehicle selected from a choice list pre-approved by their employer provides an incremental registration. Crucially, at the end of the contract term, this vehicle returns to the dealer as part of a guaranteed used car pipeline, forming a quality consumer offering. These cars provide a plentiful, timely supply of premium known cars with no logistical difficulties.

Employees will retain their employee car benefits, as well as enjoying short-term contract lengths and low repayments when compared to consumer arrangements and no credit reference agency checks.

Why Choose CBS?

CBS has over 18 years of experience in Employee Car Ownership Schemes, working with over 25 manufacturer partners and over 250 dealer groups across the UK.

We offer a complete service that goes beyond design and implementation; taking care of your fleet, so that you can focus on your business and your customers. In addition to our team of experts, your scheme will be supported through our bespoke online system that ensures you are in control.

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