Reduce Write Down Costs On Your Employee Fleet
There are ways in which dealers can make immediate and material financial savings by operating their employee cars and demonstrators in new ways. Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS) can help dealers make significant financial savings when compared to a traditional company car benefit.
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Company car tax rose again during the first lockdown, increasing both employee taxation and employer’s Class 1A NIC liability by 10-20%. Under an Employee Car Ownership Scheme, employer Class 1A NIC contributions are not payable, and employees do not need to pay company car tax.

Write downs represent a huge cost for dealers. As an ECOS removes the company car tax liability for the employee, these savings can be utilised by the dealer to materially reduce write down costs on their employee fleet. This realises immediate and material savings for the business.

Realise Business Savings From Your Existing Demo Fleet

It’s time to rethink your company car provision

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Savings Made Simple

Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS) can help dealers make significant financial savings when compared to a traditional company car benefit.

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All you need to do is provide CBS with your company car data, and let the CBS Optimiser do the hard work.

The CBS Optimiser is designed to analyse your existing demonstrator and employee fleet to find the best solution for your unique business requirements. We will then create a simple and compliant solution that puts you in control.

We Consult. We Analyse. You Save.

Incremental Registrations

Every employee placed into a CBS scheme vehicle provides an additional new-car registration. Crucially, at the end of the contract term, this vehicle returns to the dealers as part of a guaranteed used car pipeline, forming a quality consumer offering.

Used Car Stock

Consumer demand is high but many of the channels that traditionally generate used car stock have been impacted and supply is restricted.

A CBS scheme can bridge the gap between used car availability and demand, allowing dealers to hand pick the cars with the highest profit potential for a constant flow of prime used cars.

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Why Choose CBS?

CBS has almost 20 years of experience in Employee Car Ownership Schemes, working with over 30 manufacturer partners and over 300 dealer groups across the UK.

CBS’ expertise in car ownership scheme design, compliance and funding, can help dealers realise material business savings from their demonstrator fleet and employee cars.

We offer a complete service that goes beyond design and implementation; taking care of your fleet, so that you can focus on your business and your customers. In addition to our team of experts, your scheme will be supported through our bespoke online system that ensures you are in control.

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