Poll finds that used car demand outstrips available stock

59% of used car dealers are turning to alternative sources of used car stock

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Manheim claims that 59% of used car dealers are turning to alternative sources of used car stock as demand continues to outstrip supply

Remarketing company Manheim has released a survey in which they questioned around 240 dealers to get their views on the used car market.

20% of respondents stated that they were now self-sourcing through classifieds, 15% said they had travelled further than normal for stock and 10% admitted to buying lower grade stock than they normally would.

After sourcing their stock, 15% of car dealers surveyed said that they had been fast-tracking vehicle preparation to facilitate quicker stock turnover.

Head of Network Development Team at Car Benefit Solutions James Edwards commented on the report;

“Dealers are becoming increasingly resourceful and strategic when it comes to securing the supply of high-quality used car stock.

“We’re finding more dealers utilising our Employee Car Ownership Schemes to boost both new-car registrations and to ensure availability of prime used car stock.

“On our schemes, the dealer can control the cars that appear on the choice list which is made available to their employees. This ensures that cars coming back at the end of the term are popular volume models which perform well as used car stock.

“There is even the opportunity for the dealer to utilise the flexibility of the scheme to incentivise the selection of higher specification derivatives and options.

“Scheme cars also deliver the additional benefit of having full traceability from new and no additional costs for sourcing, transportation or delivery.”

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