We’re here to help our customer get back to business

As we start to see our industry return to business, CBS is here help you get the best possible start.

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Throughout the last two months, as the effects of Covid-19 and necessary restrictions have limited business operations for the automotive industry, CBS has sought to implement a range of measures to help our employer customers and their employees who participate in CBS car schemes.

As part of our company core values, we have looked to continuously improve the support mechanisms we have in place for all scheme stakeholders. By going beyond Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recommended measures, we have proactively offered support to employers and worked in partnership with them to ensure their business and employees benefit.

 “Covid 19 and the current economic environment will undoubtedly continue to change the way we all conduct our business activity. CBS understands that this will present new challenges over the coming months and we remain committed to delivering a bespoke service to help to our employer and employee customers face these challenges with the support they need”.

Paul Taylor
Managing Director

If you are an employer or an employee and have questions about your scheme or our support measures we are here as always to assist. Please contact us at help@carbenefitsolutions.co.uk.

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